Hi, Love.

Good Mourning and Grand Rising!

“Good” representing the sun, light. “Mourning” representing the rain, tears. When light and rain come together colors are reflected, promises are remembered.

Sometimes we are having a great day, and other times the day is not so fantastic. I encourage myself and those around me to always have a “good mourning” because regardless of how you are feeling, you have the choice to recall and show the beautiful colors around and within you.

No matter the time of day, it is always, “Good Mourning!”

“Grand” what a marvelous day to be alive! “Rising” may we continue to ground ourselves so we can stretch high above the soil we call home.


a freelance writer

a blogger

a spoken word artist

a published author

an educator

a wife, mother, daughter,

child of The Most High Yah

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Be honest,

brutally honest,

That is what’s going

to maintain relationships.

– Lauryn hill

Life is too short because we take too long to live it @PoeticPuff